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The Raiffeisen Bank Group has made a great impact on Europe since their conception.  Their founder Friedrich Wihelm Raiffeisen started this legacy of impacting and helping people during his term as mayor of Flammersfeld.  During this period famine and economic distress was on the rise and many farmers and locals were feeling the effects of such disastrous events. Government assistance and private loans had high…

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Posted by June 16, 2016

The history of the Raiffeisen bank started in the mid-19th century during a time when famine and economic breakdown was on the horizon.It was of many co-oops and loan societies formed at the time with the purpose of helping famers and their families survive the famine and economic crisis at the time. The Raiffeisen Bank Group was found by Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen (1818 – 1888),…

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