The Raiffeisen Bank Group is a banking company like no other.  We started with humble beginnings through our found Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen. A farmer’s son who then became mayor to several villages in the province of Westerwald.  Wanting to help those most affected by the famine and economic crisis happening at the time, he created a credit union that will help farmers and locals survive the hard times, while not becoming dependent upon assistance. Many government and private loans were too risky for farmers to take out, and may farmers were even considering the services of “loan sharks.” Raiffeisen could not stand to see so many people put into a hard spot and being consistently dependent on others. So, he created a union that helped others help themselves.  Throughout the years, cooperatives and societies contained members who were famers and laborers.  Raiffeisen and his banks wanted to ensure that the business owners and tradesmen from various industries had the means to support themselves, their family, and their business. Upon his death he had over 425 societies spread all over Austria and other European locations.

Today the Raiffeisen Banks is one of the most well-known and trusted banks Europe helping people from may trades and industries, using the same mission and values that Raiffeisen had established in the beginning.  Besides helping business owners and the like, we are also sponsoring and doing charitable works in the community. We serve everyone from the youth to elderly people, and we support community activities such as sports and arts and culture events and festivals.  As long as we have the Raiffeisen name, we will continue to support businesses and help those in need.


To represent the support that Raiffeisen Bank stands for, Raiffeisen chose the gable cross, which stands for protect and security, everything he wanted his bank to stand for. Traditionally, the gable cross was placed on attic roofs to protect the occupants inside. When our customers walk into our bank, they know that they are protected and secured. They know we will do our best to support their business and endeavors so they can continue to flourish.Now, every time a gable cross is sighted many people often associate it with the Raiffeisen Bank Group.

We are a trusted name that has great significance all over Europe.  The genius, compassion, and impact of Friedrich Wilhelm Raiffeisen is admired by many.  Visiting many countries in Europe you will see many building, streets, and other infrastructures with his name. Due to his many works, Raiffeisen will forever be associated with compassion and innovation. We hope to continue to carry on the Raiffeisen name with the dignity and pride it deserves.

If you want to learn more about our business, history, and services browse our site, contact us, or visit your local Raiffeisen Bank.  We would be honored to work with you and offer you the same service, support, and compassion that many satisfied customers and businesses have experienced for over 150 years.