The Raiffeisen Bank Group has made a great impact on Europe since their conception.  Their founder Friedrich Wihelm Raiffeisen started this legacy of impacting and helping people during his term as mayor of Flammersfeld.  During this period famine and economic distress was on the rise and many farmers and locals were feeling the effects of such disastrous events. Government assistance and private loans had high interest rates and were too risky to take out, and many villagers were feeling the pressure of loan sharks.  Wanting to help his fellow villagers, he created the Association of Self –procurement of Bread and Fruits, where bread baked and distributed on credit to those affected by poverty the most.  With funds from wealthier villagers, he also created charity based initiative to help farmers get through the famine and the economic crisis.  Later, he turned the initiative into a credit union with the philosophy that the best way to help people is to help them help themselves.  His philosophy and banking structure of societies and cooperatives has flourished into multiple banks around Europe that still holds the same mission and values to this day.

Today the Raiffeisen Bank Group from every location is involved in some type sponsorship or charitable work.  There are many Raiffeisen branches that sponsor sports teams and initiatives, such as the Raiffeisen Bank in Switzerland.  The Raiffeisen Bank in Switzerland has a grand sponsorship with soccer (football) leagues and camps.  They are the sponsor of the Axpo Super League, and they have many soccer events under the Raiffeisen name, such as the Raiffeisen Super League Day and Family Day.  They also sponsor football camps, where kids and teens can learn and advance their soccer skills.  The Raiffeisen Swiss bank also support local event such as the OpenAir St. Gallen Festival.


The Raiffeisen Bank Aval, located in the Ukraine, has sponsored many local events where citizens can enjoy the art and creative of novice and veteran artists, such as the young Ukrainian Film Festival Open Night and the Ivan Franko Nation Academic Drama Theater.  The Aval Bank donates to many charitable intiatives such as the Foundation for Children with Cancer and The First Breath Project whose parent foundation is I Hope and Believe.

The Raiffeisen Bank in Russia has many philanthropic programs that support the elderly WWII participants and veterans, and other population groups that are often overlooked.  Many employees of the Raiffeisen Bank are involved in charitable work as well.  Their Help Together! Program, where the banks matches the total amount of contributions made my employees.  They support many arts and culture projects such as the Australian Film Festival and the St. Florian Boys Choir.


This is a very small list of the Raiffeisen banks and their initiatives and charitable works. The Raiffeisen Bank Group has always been a pillar that has supported many people from all walks of life.  They have supported farmers, workers, tradesmen, etc. from the beginning and continue to do so today, with their banking structure and philosophy still in place.  Now, they have found other ways to support the community through their sponsorship and charities, and with their banks spread in various places across Europe they are impacting a lot of people.  The Raiffeisen name and its philosophy has received much recognition.  In places like Austria, you will see many streets and infrastructures that carry the Raiffeisen name.  As long as they carry the Raiffeisen name, they will continue to support and change the lives of the people in their community.  Visit your local Raiffeisen Bank for more information.